Thrift Account

This product allows customers to access micro loans from the bank either as an individual or as a group. Designed for petty traders, transporters and artisans.

Savings Account

This product allows customers to save and earn interest on their deposits. For unions, age grade meetings and associations.

Personal Current Account

This product allows customers to make cheque deposits into their accounts and make third party withdrawals with the use of cheque.

Corporate Account

For registered entities such as companies, clubs and associations, churches, schools and hospitals. Customers can also benefit from credit facilities.

Target Account

For achieving a particular goal. Save for school, a wedding, house or any planned project.

Fixed Deposit Account

This product allows customers to earn more interest on their deposits above the regular savings account interest. Open to individuals, registered and unregistered bodies.

Hire Purchase Scheme

This service assists customers to acquire vehicles, tricycles, motorcycles, business equipment and machines.

Funds Transfer

This product allows customers to receive and send funds from their Fame bank accounts to any bank in Nigeria

L.P.O Financing/Invoice Discounting

Allows vendors get funds to execute contracts and discount invoices on pending payments from reputable organizations.

Debit Cards

The Fame pre-loaded debit card can be used on any Interswitch ATM terminal or POS machines. Customers can load any amount into the card and make withdrawals at their convenience.

Group Loan

Granted to members of organized and unorganized groups, with the members guaranteeing each other.

Wait and Take Account

A savings and loans account that qualifies a customer for a loan of not more than N50,000 payable in a maximum of 6 months with a 10% equity contribution. The loan is accessible within 48hours.

Micro Loans and Advances

This is a credit facility to traders, artisans, transporters, farmers and people involved in various economic activities. We render this service to individuals and business establishments.

Micro Credit Administration

This service is directed at local government councils, state and federal governments, agencies, parastatals and non-governmental organizations with loanable funds. As a grassroots financial institution, we can partner with them to achieve micro-credit programs and policies.

Salary Administration

This service reduces the time spent on salary administration and reduces staff truancy when making withdrawals from their accounts.

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